Trainee Instructors, present and future

As we approach the end of the summer term we say good bye to our 2 Trainee Instructors Gemma Carolan and Andy Wolfendale. We thank them for making huge contributions to the life of both centres over the past 2 years and have shown that they definitely have what it takes to work in the Outdoor Industry.
Gemma has recently been appointed to Hindleap Warren ( Outdoor Education Centre in East Sussex for London youth Service ) as an Instructor and takes up her post at the end of June ready to hit the busy summer season.

There is no doubt that Andy will land a good job in the near future but he first needs to satisfy his desire to see the world. He’s been working incredibly hard to earn money to go travelling abroad when he finishes in a few weeks. Knowing Andy, it’ll be no average holiday – wherever he ends up there’s bound to be some tough mountain biking involved!

The future’s bright

We’ve recently interviewed and appointed 4 new trainee instructors to work at Nant BH and Pentre. This September we will welcome Sarah Caskey and Saul Darlington to Pentrellyncymer whilst Jessica Eatwell and Jack Castle start at Nant BH. They bring with them a diverse range of skills and experience. One thing they have in common is the benefit of age and loads of enthusiasm!

The scheme operates for 12 months and gives apprentices the chance to gain valuable qualifications and experience in a residential Outdoor Education Centre. Our centre teaching staff mentor each trainee to help them get as much out of the year as possible.

Not only is their time with us important but also we’ve seen great successes over the years as trainees have gone on to get full time jobs in the industry. Will Kilgore (Instructor at Nant BH) started as a Trainee many years ago and following employment with the Outward Bound Trust has come back to work for us again.

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